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Get Crafty! ring tone

General Instructions

Every different model of mobile phone will generally have a unique way of changing its ring tone.

  1. The ring tone will arrive as a message on your phone. From there, open the message and while the tone is highlighted, select options.
  2. From there go down until you reach the option to "save object".
  3. Save the ring tone to your music folder, which should automatically come up as the default location to save the ring tone.
  4. Once saved, close the message and go to your media gallery or music area on your phone. This will be named differently depending on what type of mobile you have.
  5. Then open your music files and select the tone "Getcrafty".
  6. Once again select options and find the "use tone" button or select "use as ring tone" option.
  7. It is now set as your ring tone.

Send me the ring tone!

You will receive the Get Crafty! MP3 ring tone on your mobile phone as an MMS message.

Please enter your mobile number, verification number, and click Send!

Please note: Receiving a ring tone depends on the capabilities of your mobile phone, if you receive an error in the message that is delivered to your mobile phone similar to "message failed to download" your phone may not support using mp3s as a ring tone. If you receive a message on your phone instructing you to go to a webpage to view the message, it means your mobile phone plan is not set up to receive multimedia messages (MMS).


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